We know that this summer 2020 will possibly be different from the rest of the summers of our lives. We are living complicated and exceptional situations hoping that soon everything will return to normal and wishing we could once again enjoy moments of tranquility and relaxation.

In these circumstances, the Antic Menorca hotel is preparing a protocol for exceptional measures; We are equipping our facilities to be able to comply with regulations and even more, to guarantee the health of both our clients and our staff and to enjoy a stay with the best guarantees.

Hygienic measures will be strictly followed according to the guidelines of the pertinent institutions: World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health and the Spanish Technical Cleaning Institute (Itel), which we basically detail below.

1.- All staff members must strictly comply with the basic protection measures recommended by the WHO. All cleaning staff will be equipped with the required PPE (FFP2 mask, gown and gloves) before each room cleaning service. We are preparing a special cleaning and disinfection plan that includes the virucidal products authorized and registered in Spain that have demonstrated efficacy against viruses in accordance with the UNE-EN 14476 standard (List of Virucides authorized in Spain for environmental use (TP2), food industry (TP4) and human hygiene (PT1)).

2.- The waste disposal procedures will be followed, which in these cases, are considered class IV or special waste.

3.- Diffusers of hand disinfection product will be placed in public areas. And each client will be provided with a bottle of pocket hydroalcoholic solution for their personal use.

4.- Ventilation filters and air conditioning devices will be cleaned at each new customer entrance. Of all the tests carried out for aerobic correction, ozone is the fastest and allows the safe reuse of rooms or public áreas.

Extraordinary measures for an extraordinary situation
All the cleaning products we use do not leave biofilm residues. For the disinfection of human contact surfaces (switches, keys, telephones, knobs, taps, …) the most effective solution is cleaning through ionized water, which chemically sterilizes without leaving biofilms. That is why we have installed a 4-level ionizing filter to be able to carry out cleaning with all the sanitary guarantees.

We only use authorized disinfectants with virucidal activity according to the list provided by the Ministry of Health. However, in order to achieve the best possible effectiveness, these procedures will be reviewed and updated, following any modification of the list of virucides sent by the Ministry of Health.

Our hotel
Antic Menorca has 14 double rooms distributed in 1.900m2 of buildings, which offers spacious private rooms and common outdoor areas.

Our facilities are located in a private estate of more than 30 hectares that has a 100m2 pool in a green area of more than 300m2, a 145m2 restaurant exclusively for our clients with two independent interior spaces, a 105m2 outdoor terrace and a lounge bar.

The breakfasts are entirely à la carte, allowing customers not to have to manipulate any typical buffet element. There is also the possibility of serving lunch, dinner or breakfast in the rooms.

All our staff will follow strict access controls and will be equipped with the necessary elements to offer a safe attention to our clients.
The Antic Menorca team wants its clients to enjoy their stay with all the guarantees and that is why we are working to equip our facilities and our workers. In this way, when the time comes, we can open our doors with full guarantee without disregarding the quality, tranquility and comfort that characterizes us.